Jackson County Emergency Services District # 2 provides emergency services in its geographical area. The District’s mission is to provide quality emergency services for the citizens of the District to provide emergency services. The District strives to maintain the availability of and housing for quality equipment to be used by the fire department of the District. The District works to serve the best interest of its taxpayers when providing emergency services and making purchases to support the provision of emergency services. The District has an open door policy.

An ESD is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, authorized by law to levy a District property tax for providing emergency services to the District. An ESD can levy a tax of up to $0.10 per $100 dollars of property value.

The ESD is governed by a Board of five Emergency Services Commissioners that are appointed by the Jackson County Commissioner’s Court. The ESD Board is responsible for managing the tax money collected and managing the development of emergency services in the district. ESD’s are created under the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 775.